Monday, September 21, 2015

Feather flurries....

You know how last month I thought that the girls were going through molting? Well, I MAY have been a TAD early.  Bebe did get a naked rear-end, but she never really lost more than those few feathers.  Neck feathers were looking sorry for a while, but they didn't completely fall out.  Egg production went to nothing for days.  Now that it is COLD at night....

masses of feathers are fluttering about the run.  The coop looks like a feather pillow was attacked.  It seems to be a bad time to molt.  Those feathers will be VERY useful in a month.  I've upped the protein meal, but they'd better get to it or I'm gonna see a lot of goosepimples in the coop.

I finally added a new rain gauge to the garden as my totals were extremely high when I compared them to the weather services in my area.  We are supposed to get 2 days of heavy rain, so if it appears, I'll get to test out my new toy.  Today, we had a 100% chance of rain.  It sprinkled, so I guess they were correct, but I'm still waiting for a downpour.

My Big Jim's are finally ripening and I can't wait to try them when red.  When green they were good, so how will I like them now?  Cut one up for the girls today and they ate every bit of it.  

Oktoberfest has come, and gone, for another year.  Our last visitor has fled the,... homestead.  Awaiting our next visitor.  

Busy... busy... busy....

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