Friday, September 18, 2015

Looks like the squash are kaput....

It's been pretty cold at night and this dropping of temps has had a negative effect on my squash.

The winter squash in the bales are starting to look thin and weak.  Funny enough, they didn't get the spurt of leaf regrowth the summer squash plants went through.  Then again, maybe they are where they are supposed to be at this time of the year.  I'm still new to their growth habits.  The squash fruit's stems have not dried enough to detach from the vines, though.  Those few that have made it to this point are still looking good, though I can't wait to taste them. 

However, the chickens have tasted them and probably a rabbit or squirrel. There are nicks all over the acorn squash, but the butternut received their fair share of scrapes from the girls, too.  I've resorted to using the planters from the greenhouse to try and save them from too much damage.  I turn them over the fruit every night.  

I finally had to pull the biggest green pepper I'm raising.  It's the size of a small football.  Man, a lot of freezing going to be done to this babe.  I'm also about ready to get an orange pepper; my first ever.  

Cold and clear tonight.  Tomorrow, it's Oktoberfest on our mountain.

Beer gargen, here we come...

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