Monday, September 7, 2015

No labor this Labor Day...

Nope, we got that out of our system on Saturday when we stood in our little 10 X 10 plot at the Chamber of Commerce.  And by "we" I don't mean me and Steve.  I mean me and Susan.  Her and her hubby came up for the holiday and she offered to help me in the "booth." 

Steve did help in the setup and takedown, but during most of the sale he was introducing people to Ziva.  We had her tied to his truck, just in case, but she was very good.  Everyone wanted to pet her and she did her best to make them feel comfortable doing so.

I ALMOST felt we should've been selling Dobies instead of our junk... ummm, goods.  We'd have made out like bandits.  As it was, we still unloaded a lot of the leftover Victorian Christmas decor we had from last year's sale.  I even had return customers who were back to see if I came back.

A couple, who seemed to be buying for a store, took a lot of the stuff.  May they be blessed.  I got rid of a display armoire, too.  That will free-up some space in the garage.  

I came home with 4 empty containers and $206.  Now, next year... and there will be a next year... I hope that the rest goes.  Putting the containers away resulted in us finding 2 more full ones we hadn't seen.  

Honestly, I believe it's breeding in the dark garage corners....

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