Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh, hail NO!...

We are back to wet, wet weather.  Yes, the monsoon is hanging on and more rain comes every day.  Hail came down so hard that I seriously feared for our skylights.  It sounded like someone was shooting buckshot at them.  

Now, this seems to have made an impression on me, as I just expounded on it. So, how could I have forgotten it?  Well, I blame "over 60 senility."


I went to the garden and saw the damage in these pictures.  My mind starts in on all the pests that are attracted by gardens.  Then, I mouth a few things about those pests.  It took about 15 minutes before I remembered that hail storm.  These summer squash plants look shredded.  My strawberry plants look like they have shotgun damage, by that same hail attacking my skylights.  It seems like this whole year has been a trial by fire... and water...and egg eaters and now hail.

I'm about to give up.  Yes, I am.  Well, OK, maybe I'm not.  It sure feels good to bellyache a few times about things, though.  

I've not even mentioned Ziva's trials.  She of the barking patrols around the place.  She of the growling through the bushes at night and running headlong into things in the dark.  She of the injuries. Feet, bees and now side injury.  

Steve and I both said a few choice words after finding a hole in her side (top) before throwing her into the car and heading for the vet.  I almost believe she is careless so she can see her "boyfriend" as Steve calls the vet.  The vet believes she impaled herself on a branch which left a channel of an inch and a half. 

She's just finishing her medicine regimine and has gone through 2 vials of salve. The second picture shows how well it has healed.  She'll be back to her stylish self when her hair has a chance to fill in.  

Now, if we could just rein her, and the hail, in...

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