Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Orange is the new... green....

The rain didn't appear like I'd hoped, but the sprinkles were appreciated.  It's cool outside, but the sun is showing, which is a good change.  

I'm more excited about this pepper than I believe I've been over anything else that has grown in the garden this year.  Peppers are notoriously hard to grown when you can't depend on lots of hot sun.  I was sure the 3 months of rain and clouds would've done-in my peppers, but I do believe I'm about to set a record for the homestead.  My first orange beauty.  Yes, last year I got a purple one to ripen, but there is just something about the color orange.  I think Friday will be the day to pluck this beauty.  It doesn't show in this picture, but there is another one behind it also ripening. Giddiness!!

The coolness seems to have reinvigorated the broccoli plants in the "good" trough.  I had been down to just giving the girls broccoli leaves, but there are several heads coming out again.  This one is NOT going to them, though.  
It's MINE... all MINE!!

The experiment with my plastic compost collector has come to an end.  It was good, light and I loved the wide mouth it had, but I couldn't get it as clean as I wanted it to be.  No amount of scrubbing made it look clean.  

So, I'm now experimenting with a ceramic version.  It's heavier and I have to have a better aim to get all the scraps inside it... and I have to be REALLY careful about letting the handle slam into it.  That sound could wake the dead and it has made my heart skip a beat.  It, however, cleans like a dream.  
So far, it is meeting my expectations.

I guess that's it for today's post.  Orange you glad I did one?....

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