Friday, September 11, 2015

Pre-Fall harvest....

It's Friday and I went out thinking that today would be a great day to harvest something.  I've had my eyes on a few plants that were over the cold and damp and starting to grow, again.  Of course, this is just before the cold sets in for another winter, so they need to HURRY.

Two tiny Black Krim tomatoes finally red/black enough to harvest.  They are on a bread plate so their smallness can be appreciated.  The plant had all sorts of tribulations this year... rain... cold...rain.... so I guess I should be grateful for these 2.  The plant may not make it much farther as some leaves are curling and brown, probably from the nighttime temps.  

The orange peppers are starting to turn a lighter shade and I'm hoping they ripen before more cold nights.  I'm dying for some homemade fajitas with my own peppers.

I thought I'd lose the yellow squash bushes after the hail storm shredded their leaves.  They must be from hardy stock as new leaves sprouted all over the plants.  They have been much more productive than the zucchini this year; the exact opposite of last year.  

Thinking it's also time to rearrange the furniture in the family room.  Yes, I have a winter and summer placement design.  When windows are open, and when windows are shut.  I think we are headed to shut soon.  

So cold in the house this morning that I believe I saw Ziva's breath...

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