Monday, September 28, 2015

Puttin' on my high hat....

I've added some new duds to my gardening outfits.  It seems that even with SPF 70 sunscreen, my Irish skin is not up to our mountain sun.  It's amazing how the skin changes if you're outside a lot.

This was Steve's tuxedo shirt from YEARS ago.  I seriously don't think he'll miss it, since we hardly ever go anywhere fancy.   I thought he still had tons of long-sleeved shirts, but nope!  All of his long-sleeved shirts were sweaters or fancy T-shirts.  So, I cut 5 inches off the sleeves and I'll sport the tux until I can hit a used clothing store.  Next, I guess I'll be scheduling a dermatology exam.

This weekend, fall cleanup was going on in the garden.  Pulled the seeping hose from this bed. It burst 3 times, so it's trash.  I like these hoses, but I may only get one season from them, unless I cover them with more mulch next year.  

At the end of the bed I pulled the carrots.  I had to cut some of the greens and throw them into the forest as they had some powdery mildew from all the rains. The rest were cut for the compost.  

What came out of the bed has me wondering how many of them I can eat. The pile on the right is the ones that look good.  Short, conical Red Core and long, skinny Little Finger carrots.  The pile on the left is full of strange, split and globular carrots.  The splits are from too much water so I may have to figure out a way to cover the carrots if we have another wet season.  I must look up what caused those knobby ones.  Anyone out there know if eating the knobby ones is safe?  

When I have some more gumption, I'll start working sand, compost and vermiculite into this bed.  My compost pile is aching to get to work in the beds. YES!  It told me so....

For now, I guess I'll need to figure out a way to get the girls to eat carrots.  I guess the knobby ones will be made into carrot bread.  Gonna use a zucchini bread recipe and see if they'll eat them that way.  

Still can't believe my chickens don't like carrots...

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