Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We all live in a yellow sub... pepper...

I finally got around to using my luscious yellow pepper and what a dinner it made.  I threw in a ripe Big Jim pepper, too.

Here they are, sweating themselves into onions, lime juice, tequila, oil and spices.  I add chicken breast meat and tortillas.  I know Steve will dig into these.  Lately, that has not been the case. He's lost 22 pounds and really wants to keep them off, so he's become a picky eater.  As long as I don't make refried beans, he considers this a healthy meal.

Chicken chores are neverending.  The nights are still warm enough to prevent water freezing, so still using the summer waterer.  (Note to self: buy more apple cider vinegar to put into water.  May need a few more scrubby pads)

Still getting the garden work done.  I started cutting down the Scarlet Runner beans and getting the greens cut small for the compost pile.  I don't think it would've been as easy as it was without my chicken boning scissors.  They cut through the hardest stems and seed pods.  

Now, I'm sporting a blister, but I do believe I could beat anyone at thumb wrestling.  That puppy has been exercised to magnificent proportions.  Ha!

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