Monday, September 14, 2015

Who'd like a SET of chickens?...

Effie has gotten better.  I haven't found any more eaten eggs since I've checked more frequently and, probably, driven her crazy.  Now, they all seem crazy. They used to follow me like little... chickens... when I had their nightly seeds. They would run into the run to get them first, squawking the whole time.  

Now, nobody will go into the run even after I've dumped the seeds.  They mill around the door and run if I try to corral them.  They ignore the seeds.  

If I go into the run to get them to follow me...nobody will.
If I squat and pick up seeds to entice them...nobody cares.
If I walk away from the coop showing indifference to the seeds, and them... nada!

AWK!!!  I'm losing it with these birds.  

Steve may be, also, as he is assigned the task of gathering those I cannot trap in the run.  The last 2 nights it was fun.  One night he trapped one after running around the garden, with Ziva barking up a storm outside the fence. One night he waited until it was VERY dark.  That girl hunkered down by the shed and he was able to just pick her up.  I'm worried he may refuse to help if this keeps up.

I wonder what the underlying cause of this is.  I doubt anything scared them in the run. 

Last night, Steve took Ziva on her nightly walk.  They came back in a hurry. He dumped her in the kitchen, grabbed my camera and headed out.  He chased this skunk through the property.  I think it's the same one as before as it didn't squirt him.  He's lucky/crazy like that.  Yes, the skunk is blurry, but the daisies turned out well. 

Someone up there must love him a lot.  They are keeping the crazy person away from the crazy skunk and the crazy consequences.  

Still, wouldn't you think the skunk had learned a lesson?
There's a crazy guy, and dog, living here and bright flashes are chasing it through the darkness....

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