Monday, October 19, 2015

A house that's bee-n ignored....

Was out working around the compost pile when I looked up and finally checked out the bee house.  I was hoping...

... it would've attracted some lodgers.  It looks like this was a big fail.  So far, no insects, bees or others, have decided to give this place a try.  I'm feeling a little depressed that I wasn't able to help the bees in the wild.

Steve dropped off the old composter we brought up from the valley on our last trip.  The dumps in the valley offered these for free.  They are recycled trash containers and I couldn't leave it at the valley house, so it made the trip with the blocks up to the homestead.  So, I have 2 compost containers and a pile of compost.  Soon, the pile will be in the beds and I can start using the containers for winter composting.

Spent time getting eggshells ready for the coop's kibble dispenser.  I had a mixture of brown and white shells since I'm having to buy eggs now.  We're 
down to 1 egg a week, if we're lucky.  Molting has added to the egg eaters in reducing our production.

I grind the shells in an old spice grinder and fill a container to leave in the shed. All of their food gets shells added to it.  I never seem to go through oyster shell grit any more.

Well, we're in for the cold night now.  Sprinkles off and on are making it feel cooler, but that's probably because it's overcast.  Time to get my heated backrest turned up and relax for the evening...

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