Monday, October 5, 2015

Brrrr, it's COLD outside...

Another day of getting the garden cleaned-up for winter.  Still windy and there is a chance of rain for the next 2 days.  The garden was at a cool 40 degrees this morning, but I see winter around the corner. 

Back to gardening chores where one thing that has bothered me since all the summer rains this year has to be dealt with: moss.

After I emptied the lettuce and carrot bed, I spent another day just digging it out of the bed.  Here is a picture of what I dug out of the onion and pepper bed. It seems to be flowering, too, which made me hurry up and do this. I'm not sure if it would bother plants there next year, but I'm thinking that it is something that I don't particularly want where my food grows.  I dumped it in the forest, which is becoming my place for unwanted plant stuff.  The forest soil is bad and I suppose any nutrient-rich "anything" will only help it.

From the picture you can also see that the cold is affecting it by turning it orange.  We haven't been down to freezing yet, but freezing has hit close to us.

My strawberry plants are starting to turn a raspberry color.  Seems like a plant with some identity issues: a strawberry turning raspberry.  The leaves are just letting me know that they are too cold at night.  I'm still getting a few ripe berries, but they may be ready to turn in for the winter.  Since the straw bales are about done with their work, I can let them dry and use them to cover the strawberries through the winter.  We'll see if the plants like wintering in the beds, since they didn't like the garage last year.

I've put the furry sheets on the beds, which is always my inside winterizing start.  Boxes of Halloween decor are sitting in the family room just begging to have their contents dispersed throughout the house.  

Just lovin' this time of year inside, now to get just as excited about the outside...

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