Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cold, but dry... GOOD!....

It looks like freezing is here to stay.  A week of 32 degrees and I'm living in a jacket.  Yes, we finally turned on the heater because Ziva wouldn't leave her bed and blanket.  We have to force her outside just to do her business.

Her morning routine for winter is back.  She heads out after waking up and stands in front of a metal garage door to warm up.  Getting her out for the night run is more difficult.

This afternoon, while I was working in the garden, she decided she'd come out for some fun.  She stood like this for an hour waiting for heaven-knows-what to emerge from the wood pile.  I guess this amounts to her exercise for the day.

I've hired a yard man!  Right!  Like I'd do that.  Steve was out getting the weeds in the driveway mowed down.  This is a never ending job from spring to winter in a regular year, but this year it's been more work because of all the rain.  

We had planned on visitors for Halloween, but everyone had to change their plans.  I had all the decor out but have put it away.  I'm now bringing in Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes.  Well, STEVE is!  You can probably here the griping from there.

So, we will be alone this weekend... except for Ziva... except for the chickens...

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