Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fairy sure winter is here...

So, I finally came to my breaking point on the acorn squash.  I poked, and cooked the biggest one to get the suspense over...

... and it was sooooo good.  I made our standby zucchini casserole full of cheese and my own green onions turned leek-size.  We're definitely not vegetarians, but this meal would satisfy anyone who is, minus that lovely pork chop.  Steve said he definitely wants it again.  Success with this squash has made me think about a few different recipes for the 3 still left.  The seeds made the girls really happy, too.

In the garden, the cold nights have signaled me to get the fairy houses into the shed for the winter.  They'd get brittle if left out, and I've already lost some of my decor to freezes.  

They get splattered with so much mud in the garden that it's hard to see how sweet they are.  All, but one, came from  I thought a garden full of fairies would be fun for the grandkids.

Here, they are all sprayed clean for their move into the shed.  The bottom fell out of the purple tulip house, so I guess I'm correct in moving them now.  

The fairies are on their own for the winter.  
Maybe they head to Mexico like our hummingbirds?

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