Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Picked a peck of pre-freeze peppers...

The freezing nights have continued and the garden has made the decision for me... that I MUST pull all of the peppers left on the plants and get them inside.

Here are all of my bell peppers and a third of my jalapeƱos.  I had a hard time doing this because I'm ever the optimist when it comes to the garden.  MAYBE it'll warm enough to get the veggies that have not ripened to do it.  

In the garden I say, because in life... I'm probably closer to a procrastinator.  
Hmmm, as I read this it truly seems that both labels fit.  I procrastinate because I'm ever the optimist.

Next to the dead squash in their dead straw bales, the zucchini and yellow crookneck has made what I am considering a miraculous rebound.  It's freezing at night and I haven't watered them.  I ADMIT that I'm hoping they die.  I'd like to get this area cleaned out and the straw into the compost area for redistribution onto the strawberry plants.  But, NOOOOOO!  They have to perk up and even flower, after I've pronounced them dead.  Ha!  They are laughing behind my back.

See, Steve was even anticipating the end of the squash and has moved some of the blocks to the area.  He's drawing up plans and drawings for the new raised bed.  I must keep this momentum going...

... as he can get into the 5 ton and disappear for days into the forest...

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