Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Somewhere under the rainbow....

Well, the rain did appear and it's been going on for a while.  Earlier, I went to check on the chickens during a lull and found...

... a beautiful rainbow had formed just north of the garden.  I added some food to the run and turned around... and it was already gone.  

Later, I went to check on the girls and decided it was time to bring in the squash harvest.  Some were sitting in mud and I didn't want any rotting.  

This season I didn't go for a big squash on each vine.  I let the plants make as many as they would.  So?  Many small butternuts and still 2 on the vines that MAY make it to ripe.  The leaves on those plants are about gone, so that probably won't happen.

I still have 2 acorn squashes growing.  All of them are close to the sizes they normally would have grown to, if I'd pruned.  All in all, I'm still all for squash next year.  Hopefully, there will be a permanent bed in the straw bale space where rotations of plants will continue.

The zucchini and yellow crookneck plants are shutting down for the year.  Still some beautiful green leaves, but no more flowers or fruit.  I haven't even been watering the bales, hoping they would dry out for strawberry covering.

All this rain will slow that down....

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