Monday, October 12, 2015

Squashed squash....


Getting a big bowl of Black Krim tomatoes and red peppers ready for the girls. They are still eating pretty well, considering the cold weather.  The Big Jim peppers are all going crazy now, and the Black Krim plant is still putting out tomatoes even though it looks like h-e-double-hockey sticks.  Most of its leaves are black and curly, but it is still ripening up some little blackish gems.  Well, they ripen, but they have major cracks in them.  So, the girls get them.

The broccoli plants are loving these cool days and cold nights.  They are still putting out heads, though they are smaller.  We nibble on them at dinner and the girls are still nibbling at their leaves daily.  

While I watched the girls eat, Steve was putting insulation into the water boxes. We don't want to pay for any burst pipes again.  He'll get black plastic around the faucets tomorrow.

The strawberries are still ripening up a few each day, so I eat them and throw the girls the hulls.  This cool weather has brought the marigolds back to life.  I thought they were goners, but here they are.

I don't believe this acorn squash will grow any farther.  The cold has killed all of it's leaves.  I still have one on another vine that hasn't suffered as much dieback, but the odds aren't looking good for it.  I guess I'll have to be happy with the 4 I already harvested.  Looks like Mother Nature did in the last 2 for this year.

I guess it's time to actually use a squash in a dinner.  I sit and stare at my beauties, but can't get in the mood to eat one...  

Hmmm... let's see what I can cook up....

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