Monday, October 26, 2015

Tomatoes gone...check!...

Got back to work after our trip.  It seems there was some rain up here while we received ours in Sedona.  My gauge was showing 3/10 ths of an inch. 

Somewhere in that time, the freeze was back and did a number on the tomato plant.  The perky greens near the bottom are the Big Jim pepper plants.  They seem to have kept their leaves.

The top half of each green tomato froze.  They are all going to the compost pile. Well, I did throw a few into the forest so any animal that may want them can try them.  

Pulled out the bell pepper plants.  I'm leaving the jalapeƱo plant alone for a while, just to see what happens.  The parsley plants seem to be liking this cold as they bushed out while we were gone.  

Still have to get the leek-sized green onions out.  
                        I've pulled half of them, but sheesh, they just keep growing...

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