Friday, October 23, 2015

Took a little break...

Well, this last week we fit in a short trip to the western Arizona city of Sedona. We like to go in October as it's cooler, but not cold, and sometimes it's rainy. This trip it was DEFINITELY rainy.

Before leaving, Steve washed the car even though we expected rain.  With dirt roads all around us, the car gets muddy in rain.  I wanted it to look sharp for the trip. Ziva is warily watching him.  She wants to be wherever he is, but she hates baths, so here she's keeping her distance.

Ziva tried out a new dog sitter and had a ball with the other dogs there. Here, Lucy and Ziva are going for a ball thrown by Gwenn, the sitter. Ziva seemed to really like the place, so if Gwenn's willing, she'll visit again next year. 

We were right on the creek in Oak Creek, which is my favorite for the water sounds all night. I spent an inordinate amount of time...

... in front of a fire and reading my Kindle.  This is my favorite pastime when winter settles in, too.  We listened to lots of rain and thunder.  We hit a few of our favorite restaurants and stores and didn't have to worry about the chickens, dog or garden.

I brought a butternut squash along with us so I could cook at least one meal.   OK, I cooked the squash and heated the bread.  The pasta is a Bertolli frozen meal which, I've stated somewhere before, is our favorite easy meal.  It was a wonderful squash and just the right size for 2.  I do believe that this is how I'll grow squash next year.  

We're back now, so it's time to get into garden winterizing, again...

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