Monday, November 2, 2015

A straw poll says to pull straw....

Snow, rain, wind, cold....all of this has made us get into the garden and get it ready for winter.  I can't believe the garden is almost kaput.

The tomato was pulled.  Here is just the garlic that was planted around it.  One bulb had formed so I'm going to try and dry it.  This is new for me as last year all the garlic froze into the dirt and turned to mush.  

Steve used his come-along and got the T posts out.  I'm reconfiguring them next year.  He pulled those from the tomato area, too, and everything has been washed and stored for winter.

He pulled all of the straw bales out of the garden.  I was going to use them for winter cover, but their insides were much more dissolved than they looked on the outside.  I guess I'll need to buy a fresh bale for the strawberries.  Under the bales there were worms and crickets.  The chickens had a fun time.

The girls made short work of the meals found...

...but they didn't like Ziva horning in for a gopher hole check...

The old bales are piled next to the compost pile so I can get them worked into it.  I can bet that the girls will be helping me with turning it, too.  I've thrown some onion and pepper plants into the mix.  It entices them to help me with my work.

Steve gets a well deserved chicken dinner tonight with a squash and brown sugar accompaniment.  He did a lot that I couldn't.  It is very nice that he thinks highly of a good dinner for all his work.

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