Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Congratulations are in order...

We had to make another quick trip into the valley.  This time, however, it wasn't medical, vacational, or familial.  OK, there's no such words as vacational (...I'm being unrational).  This time it was exceptional.  Our youngest son graduated from college.

This is my best, non-blurry, picture as he walked across the stage to get his diploma (I blurred the last name, you're not going blind. I modified the pic to keep him anonymous).  He now has to decide what to do with the rest of his life. That's a mighty BIG decision for MANY of the people there that night.  


Of course, seeing him and celebrating this accomplishment necessitated copious amounts of food.   That was accomplished by lunch out.  Then, dinner out. Then breakfast out.  Sheesh!  We were wondering where those extra pounds came from.

I have to say we were surprised by how cold the valley was.  We're used to deserts being warm.  I'd like to think I'm used to the cold in the mountains, but it is a strange occurrence in the valley.  

On our trip back up we hit that promised snowstorm.  It was getting tricky driving in Payson, but the real fun started near Christopher Creek.  That's where we started following a snowplow.  Just past the Willow Springs Lake turnoff all traffic came to a halt.  When we finally started moving again, we passed a vehicle that had rolled down a snowy ravine.  Just past that, we observed another rolled vehicle in another ravine.  It reminded us not to take the snow for granted.

I checked the condition of the garden when we arrived home.  It's now under it's winter blanket, snoozing all snuggly until spring... I hope...

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