Friday, November 27, 2015

Food comas have commenced...

It's been a full day with all of the company here.  Some went out and shot their guns in the forest. Some went shopping at the local wood carver's.  Some of us just sat and couldn't move.  I fell into that last group. 

It's been very windy and cold so I wasn't in the mood to do anything except sit and watch my favorite Christmas movies.  Steve slept through most of the day because of the medicines he took to dull the pain of surgery.  Ziva kept bothering the new guys here.  She decided that they were here to take the place of the immobile Steve and she got most of them to chase her around and fight with her.  She was in heaven.

I had to stir from the couch a few times to get food out, then put it away. Today we had ravioli for dinner, just to counteract all the turkey we've been putting away.  I took this picture of some of the pies everyone has been snacking on. 

My mom made the perfect pumpkin pie and the bottom left is the second pecan pie I baked.  The one that exploded is at the top.  I think you can see how messed-up it is.  Good thing about pies..... no matter what they look like, they still taste wonderful.  I'm sure both pecan pies and the pumpkins will disappear quickly.

Some company will leave tomorrow, but a few will stay until Sunday.  Just enough time, and people, to get rid of all the leftovers.  I'd hate to have it get down to just the 2 of us and lots of leftover food.  

Here's hoping that the food comas are epic in YOUR homes this Thanksgiving and your families are well and happy....

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