Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Home again, home again... jiggity-jig...

Well, Steve has had his surgery.  As he was heading into the pre-op room he had already started with his stories to the nurses.  When surgery was over I walked into the recovery room to hear him still telling BIG stories to the nurses. Some of them were not making much sense but he was happily blathering. Otherwise, he did very well and seems to be healing as he should.

Within hours we had loaded up and headed home.  He only took one pain pill, but it did a number on him. Was seeing things.  Thought the headlights from passing cars were headed for us.  Screamed once.  It was precious. Something to hold over his head in some future time.

Today, I'm working like a dog getting the house finished and food ready.  It isn't helping that Steve keeps shuffling through the kitchen asking to help. God bless those pain pills.  NOT!  He needs to just sit, but it's hard to make him understand that.

I was able to get that monstrous turkey into the roaster.  Without Steve to lift it, I sorta sling-shotted it from the sink to the island without much fuss.  A few tries and it was safely in the roaster.  I roast the turkey the day before Thanksgiving as my mom did.  It is so much simpler to heat it in drippings before serving on Thanksgiving.  We set up a buffet so everyone gets their plates and finds a seat at the table.  Sooooo much easier than years ago.

The casseroles are out to start thawing.  The corn will get it's fried onion rings and the yams will get their mini marshmallows before baking tomorrow.  

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The potato salad is done and the pepper jelly-cranberry-cream cheese cracker dip is ready.  It looked so good on Pinterest that I had to try it.  Will let you know how it was received by the gang.  

Baked one pecan pie.  It erupted all over the oven.  Dang it.  It's SO hard to get custards to bake at our altitude.  Anyway, I made another one and cooked it longer, but at a lower heat and at least it stayed in the pie plate.  The exploder will be something for Steve to polish off when he's feeling better.

The winds are picking up and I can hear things hitting the sides of the house. The last thing I heard was to expect winds of 55 MPH today.  Tomorrow, we may have snow.  I'm hoping all of our family makes it here with no problems.

So, I'll sign off and get back into the kitchen.  Both of us are hoping that everyone out there has a safe and happy Thanksgiving with their loved ones...

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