Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The freeze is ON!...part 1...

It's been so cold each night that I kept having nightmares about not getting the garden beds prepped and ready for the winter freeze.  It is freezing every night now, but the soil in the beds hadn't frozen, so we still had time.  Not much! But time.

I'd removed the onions last week, but still had these 2 parsley plants going. It's amazed me that they hadn't frozen.  They were pulled and thrown outside the garden. I'm hoping some passing rabbits can use them as a pre-winter meal.

Steve pulled all the hoops off the beds, except those covering the strawberry plants.  Everything else is out of the beds, so we could begin winterizing them.

The vermiculite has been added to the beds.  This is being tried in place of sand. I think it's ridiculous to buy sand, especially since it's practically ours for the the valley (code name: desert).  Up here, NOPE!  I needed something that would lighten the clay soil and it will work with the compost.

My compost pile has finally started it's "job" today.  No more loafing around getting dark and crumbly.  It didn't look like much but we removed seven wheelbarrows full from it and still have a lot left... OK, Steve removed them.

Steve piled it over the vermiculite in the beds and tomorrow we'll get it turned into the soil with the pitchfork.  The clay in the soil we used made for a gloppy mess just under the surface.  This will hopefully get the soil into better shape. More water retention and better drainage.  

Time for frozen hands to head in... working in 50 degrees today.  Hoping for higher temps tomorrow.

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