Friday, November 13, 2015

The freeze is ON!...part 2...

Steve dumped more compost into the troughs and we are hoping this, and the vermiculite, will increase drainage from them.  The "bad" trough did have water dripping from the drainage holes, but water was still pooled in it from the snows.  So, it's still a "bad" trough.  I'm doubling the vermiculite and compost in it to see if this will increase the drainage there and turn this trough into a better one.

Just next to the troughs, Ziva was going after a gopher...

...and covering the ciders around the troughs with dirt.

The beds had everything turned into them with a blade fork, too.  The only bed not touched was the strawberry bed.  I did work some compost around the plants to give them a feeding, if they don't freeze.

We stuffed straw over the plants and covered all of it with plastic.  Not sure this will work, but the other method didn't work last year.  So, here's to hoping the plastic doesn't warm them too much before the snows come and they can go into some sort of hibernation.

After all this work, we're feeling a little giddy.  Don't have to work the garden or feed the chickens.  I guess we just sit back and start our own type of hibernation?

What will we do with all this free time?....

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