Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter scheduling starting.....NOW!....

After a quick turn about the homestead and finding NOTHING very interesting to talk about, it's been decided that a winter schedule should be implemented.   With no chickens or growing garden to talk about, I think that finding enough to dwell on in the blog will be daunting.  

Yes, I can talk a good streak.  I can talk about nothing for hours on end.... just ask Steve.  However, I can't do that to all of you.  I will try and get a blog out on Mondays and Thursdays, or until things start picking up.    

I will... uh, manufacture....manipulate.... oh, what the heck, 2 days a week I'll FIND interesting items to blog about, if it's the last thing I do.   Yup!... searching high and low...

Now that all the visitors are gone, I finally have started the cleaning-up that's needed around the house.  Sheets are washing.  Getting the leftover scraps of food into the compost.  A lot of berries started turning, so here they go... along with massive amounts of egg shells.

Starting the redo of the compost pile with these scraps.  I'm hoping it's not another 3 years before it's usable.  I NEVER thought the last pile would go that long before it was used.

During the compost dump, I finally checked to see how the garden has been faring.  Our temps are usually in the teens each morning, so leaving the house has not been a favorite pastime.  It was a good thing I finally got my butt into gear to go to the garden.  All the winds lately had dislodged the plastic over the strawberries.  They are all snuggly tucked in again.  

Whew!  This experiment just HAS to work, or what to do with them next year?

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