Monday, November 23, 2015

Working like a well-oiled machine....

Thanksgiving preparations are kicking into gear.  The HUGE turkey is thawing in the refrigerator. I'm sweating it thawing in time as I've never had one this HUGE.  

I decided to dice all my onions at once.  Thought that getting all the crying done at once may hasten things in the kitchen along.  My rotary chopper did 4 onions in no time.   I just portioned them into baggies for each dish. 

Worked on sautéing those needed for the breakfast potato bake for Friday.  All the celery needed has been processed, too.  I'm ready for the stuffing to be made, and the potato salad.  

The corn and yam casseroles have been made and are in the freezer.  The house is clean and the linens are ready to pass out to the visitors.

Now, the reason we've been so industrious!?   We were notified that the retirees for our "company" have all been dumped from our healthcare plans. We won't have the plans after January 1st.  Steve had surgery plans on January 7th. YIKES!

Massive amounts of phone calls later and praying for others to cancel and we were able to move it up.  Tomorrow Steve gets in and out, just in time for Thanksgiving.  Now that I have done most of the cooking and it's stored away, I'm ready for the crowds to come and ready for a convalescing hubby.

Come to think of it.... doing the prep this way made the whole thing easier than I'd anticipated.  Maybe it's the way I'll KEEP doing Thanksgiving....

.... although the hubby thing I hope is NOT repeated....

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