Thursday, December 31, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016........

This has been such a great year on the mountain.  The garden produced well and the chickens almost as much.  Their eggs were as much a part of our lives as the garden produce.  Yes, they had to go to that great big oven in the sky, but we are very much looking forward to chickens; Part Deux... The Movie.    

This new year has us looking forward to more snow than we've probably ever seen, at least according to those El NiƱo predictions going around.  I predict a let-down if all the hype isn't met.  Still, on Tuesday we had a nice snow to show off for visitors.  Snow doesn't last long on the ground here, so we must enjoy it when we have it.

Today Steve was out playing with...ummm, working on... his truck.  Most of the snow has gone from the driveway and I think he was deciding on whether to take it for a drive, or just admire it.  We need some intrepid adventurers to brave the roads and come up for a day of shooting and driving through the forest.

Tonight, we will do our best to stay up until midnight.  I remember that as so much easier when we weren't retired.  Now, I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  Well, that is if I can shut my brain off.

Lately I am having dreams of getting another rescue cat.  It'll have to be black so I only have 1 color of hair to hide.  Female and spayed.  Older preferred. Must get along with Ziva, who by the way LOVES cats... ok, indoor cats.  We may have to explain the difference between the outdoor ones she is encourag-ed to tree and an indoor one.  

Ah, the house would be filled just PERFECTLY then...... HAPPY NEW YEAR...


  1. Yay, get a cat and more chickens! Loved Ziva's blanket you posted.

  2. I'm hitting the local shelter tomorrow. Next time you're up here, maybe YOU can get her out of her bed. I feel she is depressed since Nea left.

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