Monday, December 7, 2015

Post-Thanksgiving pounds adding up...

I'm definitely ready for Thanksgiving leftovers to be GONE!  I've been freezing packets since the 4th day of the holiday was over, but we still had some stuff to finish.

Over the weekend we finished off the potato salad.  Made turkey sliders with the leftover cranberry sauce and some mixed cheeses.  It went down easy with some sangria.  Sounds good, huh? Well, let's just say that I'm turkeyed out and it'll be a cold day in February before I'll want it again.  

By the way, my take on the pepper jelly-cranberry-cream cheese dip is that it was good and something I'll make again.

One thing I am sorry is about gone is the Gold Fish Crackers snack mix.  I only make this for special holidays if others will be visiting.  Yes, I'll be sorry, but my waistline won't.  Mindless eating of it has to STOP!  

I'm also thankful that Steve is still sitting around and not driving much.  He keeps saying we should go to Show Low and do some shopping.  He's just being devilish because he brings up buying more egg nog.  I've forbidden buying any more.  The 10 pounds I gained are craving more, but the 10 pounds I'll have to explain to my doctor want to wash his mouth out with soap.

It's amazing that I can even hear the pounds talking.... sheesh... sangria...

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