Thursday, December 10, 2015

Topsy-turvy world...

So, we ran, again, to the valley to get all needed medical tests, bloodwork, shots and prescription refills done before losing our health care in January.  I handled everything well, except the shots which seemed excessive.  Ha!  
We now should be free of pneumonia, flu, tetanus and shingles until we die.

Steve met with his surgeon and he was pleased with his progress.  He's been ordered not to lift anything excessive (over the weight of a fork) for another 2 weeks.  I thought I heard Steve cheer in the exam room.  You'd've thought I made him do lots of heavy work.  Honestly, I have only tried to keep him from work. 

What is it with men ignoring doctor's orders?  Immediately back from the doctor and Steve was out moving blocks for the last time from the valley house. I stopped him from removing the "T" posts until our next trip.  They would require brute strength and moving the blocks had certainly pushed him over the "don't lift anything heavier than a fork" limit.

Finally, all the blocks are up to the homestead for making the new raised bed in the spring.  I'm making him wait another week before unloading them.  

Our youngest son has done the house in the valley in LED lights.  It is very festive.  I know we cramp his style when we are visiting.  He was tolerant, but we knew he was looking forward to our going home.  His cat, Ratchet, was ready for Ziva to leave immediately.  

I started this blog with it's a topsy-turvy world.  Why?!  Well, we had this medical mess to deal with and were handling it well (while complaining, I ADMIT!)

The night of our last appointment and tests, we received an email stating our health care plans would be KEPT by our old "company" and we didn't need to worry about next year.  WHAT!??

We now have to cancel the other insurance we found (and hated) and try to get our money back.  HOPE we don't go through all of this again next year.

Old people and topsy-turvy-ness.  
Our equilibrium isn't in the best of shape on a good day.....

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