Monday, January 18, 2016

Day, or night... WHICH!?...

Anyone out there remember what it's like having a baby that has their days and nights mixed up?  That is us right now.  Ember has been sleeping all day, usually hidden in some little pocket.  She wakes and comes out to see us around 9 at night, so we get to see her until 10:30 PM when we head to bed. 

I wonder what she thinks as she's ready to play and we all disappear.  While we are up, she seems to enjoy having us around.  Now, if we can just change her sleep/wake pattern.

Here she's bathing on the couch.  In this picture I'm wearing my "cat-proof" outfit.  I'd forgotten how SHARP claws can be and since she is insistent on climbing all over me, I needed some help.  I place a blanket AND a towel over me so I don't scream out in agony.  If I try and remove imbedded claws, she becomes a velcro kitty and it's even more painful.  I'm glad she's loving, but WOW!

Ziva is having fun with the new arrival.  She plays, usually gently, until she crosses over the line and gets smacked.  We've removed one claw from Ziva's snout that Ember lost.  Otherwise, Ziva licks her ears and they seem like friends.  A video downloaded, but people have said it won't play, so I'm removing it.  Technology can sometimes work against you... me. 

Snow is still on the ground, so I'm not outside doing much in the garden.  A few of the new little trees are looking bad.  I've ordered plastic water bladders to surround each one.  Maybe it'll help them through the winter?...

... hopefully they'll help them through bounding Ziva and her deadly feet...

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