Thursday, January 14, 2016

Newest family member...

Finding the new family member started out as a problem.  I'd struck out at a couple of places in Show Low and Lakeside, which had me feeling low.  It seemed like most kitties had been taken before Christmas.  I sure hope they found loving, and permanent, homes for the holidays.

I ran into someone from our local vet's office while in Show Low and she suggested checking out their cats.  Now, I knew they had strays somewhere in the back area of the clinic, but I'd never ventured in.  Anyway, Steve, Ziva and I headed over for a looksy.  

Most of the cats were stand-off-ish.  Some were still almost feral.  A few kittens would visit me, but I really wanted an older cat.  They free-ranged in several rooms, which made it hard for me to even get close to any.  Finally, I settled into a chair and waited to see who'd approach.  

It took a looooong hour, on my end, to find this little girl.  She finally just appeared and jumped right into my lap.  She was very friendly and seemed to be calm.  After a lot of petting, I scooped her up to take for a visit with Ziva. We needed to see how everyone would get along.  The clinic had an empty room for this meeting.

Ziva and Steve were introduced.  Ziva, of course, was VERY interested in the cat.   The cat rolled over and let Ziva sniff her and then they kinda rubbed heads.  I was feeling very relieved at that point.  Two assistants to the vet were very happy with the meeting, too.  

Paperwork was signed and payment rendered.  Then, the question I wasn't prepared for..."what are you naming her, for our records?"  She's a tabby mix and had tortoiseshell coloring.  I blurted out Turtle.  Steve nixed that and named her Ember.  

Hmmm, Ember.... it fits.  Black, rust and darkly colored.  One goldish-green gold with a large blue section.  Very interesting little girl.  Hopefully we have lucked-out with our newest family member.

Ziva is still doing a bit of staring at the newbie...

I suppose her exploits are to follow.....

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