Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oh, NO! Musket in the snow...

It's finally been warm enough to melt most of the snow from the last storm and give the back roads time to dry a little.  Steve's been DYING to get out and shoot his 2 new guns (and those are literally his words).  I don't like to go on these trips when it's not warm, but he wanted some pictures taken, so there I was.  

I snapped this shot of the area we chose because it shows where the Rodeo-Chediski fire took out the pine trees in 2001.  All of the little pines in the foreground were planted afterwards and made it.  Now, why am I having such a hard time with my Blue Spruce seedlings?  Just asking.

First rifle up was a Mosin-Nagant Russian sniper rifle used in WWII.  It was loud. He says it was very accurate.  As a sniper rifle I'd think it would have to be.

Next up was a Springfield Model 1863 58 caliber musket. He was actually giddy to shoot this.  He's aiming at an old Dish receiver in a tree. They'd told us to throw it away, but what guy doesn't say that he'll just shoot it.  The musket wasn't as loud but it sure sent smoke everywhere.  

Measuring the black powder for the musket...

Seating the musket ball in the cloth patch before ramming it in...

Never realized how much time is needed to reload each shot.  Davy Crockett must've had a Dickens of a time with his Flintlock. 

First shot with the musket.  Scary! Back then, as today, it's a terrible wound.

After only six shots; two from the musket and 4 from the rifle.  Can you find the 4th rifle shot hole?  It's mostly hidden.  This is your puzzle for the day.

We had fun, even though I thought it still very cold and the wind didn't help either.  We both survived, which was something I was praying for.  Muskets... sometimes scary.

Later, I didn't survive a simple trip to the birdfeeders.  I fanatically check for ice these days.  I didn't see the hidden ice under the sunflower seed hulls all around.  Went down hard.  One knee is shot, and have a groin-pull, to boot.  

Who knew that was going to be the most dangerous thing I did today.  Will be spending copious amounts of time on the couch with an elevated leg.  

Until next time...

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