Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winner, winner... chicken dinner...

The last couple of days I FINALLY got around to trying to Crock Pot one of my chickens.  I don't remember where I found the recipe for these 2 meals from the one chicken, though.  I thought I saw it on Pinterest, but it wasn't on any of my boards there.  

I thawed this chicken overnight in the refrigerator (which I must admit was NOT my 1st foray into cooking one of my "girls").  I'll talk about that, later. She was patted dry and rubbed with butter and sprinkled with poultry seasoning.  I buttered the Crock Pot, too, and she went in just like that.

Six hours later and it was time to eat.  Doing the chicken was very moist this way.  I've always roasted my chickens (and turkeys) breast down to keep the breast moist.  Not sure that'll have to be followed if the Crock Pot becomes my favorite way to roast chickens.  It was perfect.  Well, if you want crispy chicken skin this isn't the way you'd want to cook them, but it was perfect for us, as we always remove the skin.  

Served it with green beans and brown rice.  Steve thought it was the way to go from now, on.  This still, however, doesn't mean we'll be raising our own chickens. That topic gets bogged down in the details of the endeavor.

After the meal, the backbone and smaller bones went back into the juices in the Crock Pot. The second stage of this recipe calls for them to simmer in a can of chicken broth, for the night.  

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke and could smell all the cooking going on.  Made me wonder how the dog and cat got through the night.  I didn't hear any other tummies grumbling, so only I was having the growling going on?

First thing in the morning I sieved the Crock Pot contents and bones went into the trash and juices went into the refrigerator.  Four hours before dinner the pot goes back on with the juices (skimmed of their fat), another can of broth, diced carrots and celery. They cook until an hour before dinner, when the leftover meat goes in, along with a drained can of corn.  A half hour before dinner I cooked 2 servings of egg noodles, which were added to the pot.  

(confession: I didn't stick to the recipe as I also added a tiny diced potato which was laying around and needed to GO!)

The second meal was a hit, too.  If Steve EVER says that we need to have this meal again, I know I've struck paydirt.    

Now, what was that story I was supposed to tell you about?... Oh, yeah!  The FIRST chicken I cooked.  Didn't turn out very well.  I checked 2 recipes for roasted chicken.  Picked the one I thought would work.  It didn't.

Each recipe called for a 4-5 pound chicken.  She might've been 2 pounds, but I didn't weigh her.  I followed the roasting time, but she didn't look done in the time allotted (could've been the altitude thing).  I added some more time, but the legs were looking overdone. Checked the temp with a meat thermometer and she was just done.  Let her sit a few minutes to "juicify" but that didn't work, either.  Tough!  Dry!  Sad!  

I will probably not do that again.  I gave up roasting turkeys in the oven 40 years ago.  I think I just gave up roasting chickens in the oven this week...

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