Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blue about my Blue Spruce....

I'm trying to save the little Blue Spruce seedlings I received, but it's not looking good for them.  They were planted when they were sent, supposedly at the PERFECT time to plant them, but I think there has been a mistake on that. They came with my Arbor Day Foundation subscription.  I don't believe the foundation picked the correct time of year.

I just re-upped the subscription and I'm supposedly getting Douglas Firs this time.  I'm wondering if I can keep them in the refrigerator until Spring, thus giving them a fighting chance?  Of course, this works if they come now, instead of Spring.  Something to ponder in the meantime.

I figure it's a long shot here, but I keep the little brown seedlings watered between snows and have provided some protection.  I purchased these water collars on Amazon.  They were reasonable and even if they don't keep the harsh winds from them, they seem to keep the harsh Ziva from trampling them.

I really haven't been able to look up any stats on whether brown and dead looking spruce come back in the Spring.  Does anyone out there have any idea if it happens?  I know the sap goes into the roots for Winter.  Does it come back up in the Spring and revive any of them?  Does it bring the dead to life? Anyone?


It was also time for me to stock the freezer so I decided on some casseroles.  I still have some carrots in the frig that I can use and I always have some onions around.  

Browned some hamburger.  Softened the carrots for a while in the drained skillet, then added the onions.  Meanwhile, boiled some macaroni and drained it. All was mixed with cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese and milk.  

Three casseroles to freeze.  Yes, I added cheese to the 3rd one.  I guess we are set for a few weeks here.  

Tonight, we had tacos with the brisket that I made last week.  I can't believe how good they tasted.  I did change things up with the taco shells.  I usually fry them.  I bought pre-made ones to see if they had less fat and grease on them. I must give them a thumbs-up on their taste and no greasy feel.  

Maybe I just became a convert...

“I have not received, nor expect to receive, any compensation for items mentioned in the blog that I like, or may suggest to the viewers.  The items are just something that works/worked for me.  The Irish Lady.”

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