Monday, February 1, 2016

Hoppin' good food.....

Staying off my feet for this knee to heal has made doing things a little difficult. I can hop around, so I decided to make a few things to eat.  Probably NOT the best idea because then we'll need to eat them, but... there you go.

Firstly, with all the company we had for the holidays, I'd made many new breakfast casseroles which I'd thought would turn out well.  I took polls on which to keep and which to not make again.  There was this one potato/cheese sausage/egg casserole which was perfect, in theory, but not in reality.  That recipe called for diced frozen potatoes.  They didn't work out as they didn't get as soft as I would've liked.  So..... I tried it with grated frozen potatoes.

I think we had a winner.  The potatoes worked well and the taste was just what Steve liked.  So, the casserole will be frozen in meal-sized portions for us.  If I have any guts, I'll make these for the next big holiday.

Secondly, Steve has been picking up a lot of the chores around here while I sit with leg propped up.  I thought I'd make his favorite pie for him.  In this house, if I haven't mentioned it before (and I probably HAVE), it's a blueberry pie. Remember, it's why I'm going to start with a blueberry bed before all others.

It turned out rather well, also.  The sugar on top was as crunchy as I wanted. I hope the beds, and later, the bushes produce enough berries for several pies for him every year.

Dinner was good and dessert?.....

.... mmmmmmmmmm, good........

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