Thursday, February 18, 2016

"The Pioneer Woman" helps in the kitchen.....

I keep Ree's link on my blog page to remind me when I have a cooking question to go and visit her first. We have company coming up for a visit and we decided that cooking a beef brisket was the way to go (well, not we, but me; Steve is running away from ANY responsibility for this one).  I looked up her brisket recipe and prepared it exactly...mostly....

Last shopping trip we picked up a heavy son-of-a-gun piece of brisket so I could cook and portion it into packets for the freezer.  This was my first time actually doing this recipe, so let's all see if it turned out well, shall we?

Day before yesterday
Recipe called for beef consomm√©, 5 finely diced cloves of garlic, lemon juice, liquid smoke and lots of soy sauce.  I used my trusty-dusty garlic peeler. Man, did it make that part easy. I rarely dice garlic as I find just grating it with a spice grater easier.  I did add a little more garlic as some cloves were smallish.

It turned out that Steve had to do the heavy lifting on this 15 pound piece of meat.  He wrangled it out of the spare refrigerator and into the kitchen for me. I'd bought some huge tinfoil pans for just such an occasion, so I was ready.  

After adding all the ingredients, this massive amount of meat got to sit in the refrigerator, with more help from Steve, for 24-48 hours.  Something to think of if planning this for meals.  It's not a just toss-and-cook dinner.  Once the real cooking starts, it gets to sit in the oven for 6 hours, or until done, or when it shreds easily.   

Well, NINE hours later it finally was done.  I DID add 5 pounds more beef than was in the recipe and I DO live way up on a mountain.  Both things combined to make it a very long day.  Anyway, I had to cut it in half just to get it out of the pan because it was falling to pieces.

Another hour and I finally had all of the meat separated from the fat and sinews and I'd even separated the gravy from the fat.  I totally should've gotten a Brownie badge for this feat.  All this meat packed into 8 freezer bags for meals later.  The gravy was frozen in 4 bags for future use.  

Now, nowhere in the recipe did it say that an oven cleaning would also be part of the recipe.  THERE WILL BE AN OVEN CLEANING NEEDED AFTER COOKING THIS RECIPE!  Or, a smaller amount of meat... or a studier foil pan...or a foil pan on a large cookie sheet... or a steadier husband....

We ended up needing all of the above.  That huge piece of meat and all of the marinade, combined with all of the melting fat and juices of said meat, filled that tin up to the brim and even minor jostling sent juice everywhere.  Steve bravely wrestled the tin onto the stove, where he needed a break of several minutes just to get his breath back before we commenced to mopping up the mess.  

The oven was set to clean for 4 hours.  Thank all that is wonderful for self-cleaning ovens...   

... I'M EXHAUSTED!....

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