Thursday, February 11, 2016

To the valley... to the homestead...

We did our quick valley jaunt and we are back home.  We took both vehicles as we'd hoped we could fill them with more stuff that needed to be removed from the valley house and brought back up.  It felt like we'd done this many times, and yet the house seemed just as full. 

This was Ember's second long trip in the SUV and she did very well.  Yes, there was some pitiful meows for about half-an-hour, but she settled down to sleep. Ziva, ever wanting to lick her ears, kept watch throughout the trip.

Steve got out into the backyard and finally pulled the last of the "T" posts to bring back up to the garden.  At one point we were going to sell the house with the garden already there, but we thought just manicuring the backyard was a better idea.  Yes, there are gardeners out there looking for a house, but the odds are more in our favor that there are people with no urge to garden looking to buy.  

It had been rainy and cold just before we arrived and the weeds had started to take over.  It seems I pull, and pull, and never get them all out.  We'll need to flatten out the garden soil and order more gravel soon.

It turned out the our son's cat did NOT like another cat in the house.  As it is, his cat doesn't like any other animals, which Ziva has already found out. Why he is so grumpy we haven't found out.  If only years ago we'd marketed him like Grumpy Cat©, we'd have been able to buy an even larger homestead, but such was not our luck.  Poor Ember had to stay in a couple bedrooms to keep her safe.

Once we were back I unloaded our treasures from the valley house.  You probably think I'm a bit crazy (and who doesn't) but I bring back my eggshells whenever we eat eggs down there.  Eggs cost me a bunch and I get my money out of those cartons any way that I can.  So my compost pile gets little gifts from our trips, also.  

Those "T" posts will head out to the garden when spring comes.  There was new snow out there from an earlier storm.  

Any snow is good snow in my book.  Just seep into the ground and beds and get them ready for planting.....

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