Thursday, March 17, 2016

May the luck of the Irish bless your St. Patrick's Day....

Part of me, the Irish part, is thinking it's time for a party and some beer.  Part of me, the German part, wants no part of this day and is yearning for Oktoberfest.  The rest of me is just happy there's a holiday to celebrate.  Hope everyone out there is out celebrating any ol' way....


We just arrived back from the valley.  Tax season is here and we needed to get ours done.  We trust a friend who's done them for ages, so had to make the trip there.  Also, Ziva needed to see her dentist and have the tooth checked.  I haven't seen her eating any branches lately, so maybe she's over that and will act a little more lady-like.

Before we headed down, we were just into the home stretch with the last few beds.  It was time to get the re-bar into the blocks to give them even more strength.  It was cheaper to buy it in 20 foot lengths, so Steve cut them to fit.

The little hacksaw did a mighty good job and it was cut in record time.

Every block will get 2 pieces through it.  The beds will probably survive Armageddon, but until then, I do believe I'll be planting up a storm, soon.

Early the next morning, Steve started digging the old soil pile (it just never seems to go away) and sieved it for me.  It doesn't take out the smaller rocks, but it gets a lot out.  

It took about 4 wheelbarrows for each bed.  Once they are filled it'll be time to augment with peat moss, perlite and steer manure.

Getting excited, but really, planting season is still 2 months away.

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