Monday, March 14, 2016

Spreadsheets galore.....

Getting things done around the homestead is always sort-of a charge.  Never one to feel like a "professional" in the garden, I'm feeling more confident each, and every, season.  Quite a charge I guess!

My seeds have been plotted and graphs made (always funny to Steve).  If I plan anything, the first thing he says is "where is your spreadsheet" and rolls his eyes.  But, hey, if they keep everything in order and get things done on time and in the correct way, they MUST be good, right?!  The page below in the picture is a seed-starting sheet I found online.  It helped me plan MY seeds for this area on the mountain.  

After I received my order of seeds, I put them in piles of their best inside starting dates and then alphabetically; then by set out dates.  Only a few of the seedlings will need hardening off, so that is also there for a few of them.  I made a separate section for those seeds to be direct-seeded.  

All this info went into my own spreadsheet, WITH LARGER TYPE for my failing eyes.  I really cannot be troubled to remember glasses when I'm in my garden.  So, I was ready to start the inside seedlings and I'll get a picture of them onto the blog when they're a little more along and neater.

Now, to the new raised beds; Steve finished the stacking and I was tasked with filling the blocks with dirt.  Not always a successful endeavor.  I packed them each halfway, then added more and packed down again.  Thought I did a justifiable job.  Then I got the idea to add water to do any more "settling" of the soil.  Well, each hole promptly unfilled by half.  So, back I went adding dirt.  I finally got them filled... I hope.

I'd asked Steve to fill any major cracks between blocks with caulking.  I remember lots of water leaving the older beds before they settled down and dirt filled in.  I think he went a little overboard on this request.  He did every block.  Still, they should hold up to anything I do to them.

Oh yes, dinner last night was another trial of storemade corn tortillas... this time tostadas. I made Mexican chicken and layered it with beans, cheese, green onions, lettuce and tomatoes. Steve asked for it again.  

I'm pretty-much thinking that I WON'T be frying up my own tortillas any more. They've been beaten by a less-greasy convenience...

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