Monday, March 7, 2016

Trying to beat the bad weather....

We worked very hard over the weekend to get a lot done before predicted winds and rain got here.  Steve said he'd give me a full week to get this bed and other things done, but I think he'll be charitable into this next week.

The design we decided on was this 2-bed one which used all the blocks we brought up.  It will just fit into the area with me able to weed and harvest from the inside of each bed.  There will need to be a couple retaining walls added later.  So, we laid the design, then painstakingly leveled each block. Yes, we started with the far bed.  The closest one is still alarmingly crooked. 

Steve was constantly interrupted by some of the local "fauna" deciding to lay right in the middle of the work.  I think she thought we were giving the job too much attention, which interfered with her attention-getting plans.  

Finally, the 1st courses were down and the rabbit fencing added to keep gophers out.  Then, it was just stack up to the 3rd course. 

Like the new duds?  After last years dermatology visit I noted that I was called back over a few suspicious areas of skin. Turned out that a few more pieces of skin had to be left at the doctor's office.  It's this Irish skin coloring in a desert climate.  OK, yes, I am more German than Irish, but the Irish won in my coloring, so the hot desert sun is my bane.  

Anyway, all of this garden activity by yours truly has necessitated a new physician approved gardening outfit.   The white tux shirt was OUT and I got my choice of either red, or blue, as a cover-up.  The doc says either color helps keep bad UV rays from causing more trouble.  So, the thought of red seemed just too hot to deal with... blue it is.  

Perfect timing as winter shirts are on sale in my local men's department (it has to fit over my regular clothes).  This one even had a pocket for my camera, of which I'm on a second one.  Seems dirt/water in the lens aperture is NOT a good thing when blogging in a garden.  Now, it'll not be sitting on the bed rims and getting accidentally damaged.

Well, back outside to get things locked down for windy weather.  Have had a few rain drops so wondering what'll be coming in the next few days.  Checked my FaceBook page and there is a fire just north of us.  YIKES!  Not a good thing as we've already been in two.

Maybe a few prayers can be sent our way?...

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