Friday, March 25, 2016

Wind, wind... go AWAY!...

The winds are nowhere near what they were earlier this week.  Still, they have been brisk.  I constantly check the bird houses around the homestead to be sure they are still up.  We had 2 come down earlier this year, so it's a possibility each windy day.

These 2 were cleaned and allowed to dry before being put back up.  One had a piece of the roof break off in the fall, so Steve glued and screwed it back together.  We decided we needed to get moving on this as the other houses are full-up and there is starting to be a waiting list for houses.  Usually households aren't set up until around April 1st, but this year everything is starting early.

We are trying a new attachment trial with these 2 houses.  There were eye-screws used before, but they pulled out from the back, probably because all these winds rock them back and forth.

This time we're running the chain around the tree and under the secured roofs to see if this works better.  Hoping the winds don't just loosen the roofs completely off.  Anyway, they are back up in their trees, 12 feet off the ground.

Near the tree in the pic above, there is another house that has a family of Pygmy Nuthatches in it.  The female, pretty sure about it, has been going from her house, to the newly added one above and back to her's.  I think she's comparing her's to this one, probably deciding which house is best....

.... typical female behavior.....

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