Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1 potato... 2 potato... 3 potato... 4......

Yesterday, I decided it was time to get the seed potatoes cut into pieces so they could dry before planting.  Since I've never planted potatoes, this was a new thing for me to try.  I researched the best way to do it and started cutting. They said to keep 2 eyes/sprouts on each piece, which was easier said, than done.  I did the best I could, however, I was left with 3 pieces that had no eyes so they headed for the compost pile.

I headed out to make the beds for the new little babes.  My old compost rings were layered with straw and then I TRIED to sift the small rocks from the old garden soil we bought years ago.  What a job.  Steve came by and said I should just buy new soil to make this go from an endless job, to a quick job. I do believe I will do that.

Today, the potatoes are looking dry, but I think I'll let them go another day.   As I look at them, I'm wondering if this will be worth the work.  Next year, maybe I'll just buy small seed potatoes available in the local store and plant them whole.

Of course, all this speculation is dependent on how they grow and the poundage I reap.  There'll be time for decisions in the Fall...

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