Friday, April 8, 2016

Back up to our heaven on earth...

Back home after ANOTHER trip down to the valley for ANOTHER test.  This has become tedious.  Yes, I'm glad I can get these "over 50" tests, as some in the world can't. But sheesh, can they end for a while?


Today the weather has been nice and cloudy with some cool breezes going through the garden. No high winds are moving the straw off of the strawberry plants, so I'm a happy camper.

Earlier, I made a purchase that is making watering the strawberries easy until they are uncovered.  Found this wand and it lets me get water down to the roots without soaking the straw or getting the leaves too wet.  Standing there watering, I found it was like waiting for Christmas to come so I can open my plant presents, so these plants had better make it and be ready to go in May.

Was not into standing outside much today, so headed in to veg for the rest of the day.  Thought pizza was just right to top off the day...

I have to say that the Pillsbury pizza crusts are very good.  We had a half-n-half pizza.  Steve's half was cheese and pepperoni and mine was sausage. Since figuring out how to make the crust the best way, I do believe we had a winner.

Heading out for chicks on the weekend and starting to work on the blueberry beds.

Well, it has started raining... beautiful... peace... over and out....

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