Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Can ALMOST taste the pies....

NOT!  We'll have a couple years of waiting for those pies, but it's the thought that counts.  We've been stuck inside since Monday with those terrible high winds and cold.  Today was actually nice for most of the day, so we started the layout for the blueberry beds.

We picked an area where there should be constant sun most of the day and laid out the boards to get an idea of the space needed.  We're using redwood for the frames as it should last for many years.  At some point we'll need to add a netting frame to keep birds out so we moved everything forward from how it is in this picture.

Then, we moved everything east so the enclosure will be close to a water spigot.  At some point down the line, there'll also be an asparagus bed in this general vicinity and hoses running all over the place seemed messy.

Steve was going to screw the boards together while in that area, but the dreaded winds started up again.  Had our radio going while working and the weather reports are announcing 2 days of rain to come, so we moved the whole shebang to the garage for assembly.

HA!  Looking at the pictures, you can see the sun out, then gone, then out. The clouds are moving in and I see us moving into the house soon.

Maybe we'll just make do with a pecan pie... for the time being....

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