Friday, April 1, 2016

Hoping for better results...

You all know of my so-far bad results with the Blue Spruce seedlings I received from the Arbor Day Foundation.  I'm still looking at brown, dry seedlings, though I am watering them and hoping for a miracle.

I mentioned the new Douglas Firs that I was expecting and that I wasn't sure what to change in the planting decision to come.  I had hoped they would come in Spring.

SURPRISE!  They have arrived and now I need to decide what to do.  Same planting instructions on them that were on the spruce.  Plant in Spring or Fall. Neither are here.  Since Spring arrives first, I'm going to keep them moist and in the refrigerator until May.  I'm hoping that if I surround them with the water collars that they will be protected enough to stay alive.

Meanwhile, I'm still doing Old Man Winter's job of watering the beds to break down the mulch and compost.  I've been hoping that weed seeds also get going so I can pull them before seeding starts.  A few have shown themselves and I'm dutifully pulling them.  Most look like weeds.  The one in the picture looks more like a veggie of some sort, so I'm letting it live to see what it is. WOW!  Excitement!   Kind of a sad comment on our days until things pick up.

I've been going around the beds and leveling them off.  Some of them were still overflowing after the addition of compost and mulch in Fall.  Even soaking the beds hasn't made them settle much more, so the dirt's going in the new beds when they get built.

Not much more going on here.  It snowed slightly again last night.  I'm of two minds on snow... love it for ground water.... hate it as it means Spring is still far away....

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