Friday, April 29, 2016

I could gopher a dog that actually caught one...

It looks like the weather forecasts might be true this time.  It's been overcast and cool.  Last time I looked at the thermometer it was 54 degrees.  Too cold for me to bother with being outside today.  We are still waiting for the rain, though.

It wasn't too cold for Steve to head out to finish screwing together the blueberry beds.  I ran out and got a picture of him working between commercial breaks in my "Harry Potter" marathon (yes, that's what I do when it's cold outside).

Since we'll (Steve'll) have to dig the beds down a foot, the rain will help loosen our mountain soil a bit.  So, it needs to show up.  I checked my weather app and it's now showing 60% chance of rain today; 80% tomorrow and Sunday.  

We're going to put rabbit fencing down a foot beneath the beds to keep gophers out.  Must check to see if there are reports of gophers even eating blueberry roots.... (time away while checking the internet).... crap, it looks like gophers eat blueberry roots.  

Well, we were prepared for this so the fencing will go down and the gophers will... STARVE... Not!  There is a bushel-full of gophers around the homestead so they do find plenty to eat but, NOT MY FUTURE BLUEBERRIES.

Gophers, the bane of the mountain farmer, or just plain mountain walker. Holes everywhere to fall into.  And then...

... comes along another creature that makes walking the property dangerous. The dreaded gopher hunter.  Ziva has a ball digging... and digging... and digging.  The problem here is that she never catches anything.  Only once did she get one and that was documented here a while ago.  She LOVES digging and barking.  Maybe that barking is why she never digs one up?

Anyway, she may be a bad gopher getter but she can make turning your ankle an Olympic sport on the mountain.  We have furrows everywhere.  But, will she also keep gophers on their toes and away from by blueberry beds?  

Only time will tell...

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