Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"No soup for you!"...(substitute chicks)...

Sooooo.... Tractor Supply told us that they had chicks coming in today and be there at opening.  Must've told a lot of others that, too, as we arrived at 7:45 AM to a full parking lot this morning.  A man came out and said that they didn't get their shipment, but that the ranch store had picked some up.

Sooooo.... the parking lot emptied as we all headed to that store, where we were told that they would be available at 10 AM.  Steve and I had headed out on empty stomachs, so we went to get some breakfast.   They handed out numbers at 9:30 and we got No. 1.  Yippee!

The update?  No chicks for us.  Only had Cornish Rocks which were not what we wanted.  SAD!  This made me decide to do what I've NEVER wanted to do and make a mail order.  (I've heard some horror stories about dead chicks)

Went online and tried the closest hatchery to us... Texas.  They weren't shipping until JULY.   Kept going until I found one shipping in April.  They've been in business for 90 years so I made an order.  I'll let you know how it goes, but I did say a little prayer for the chicks safety.


We've been having rain for several days now.  I appreciate that as it's meant that I don't need to water the beds.  I'm seeing a lovely batch of weeds coming up so my plan seems to be working.   But, with the rain has come some winds.  They, however, were NOT wanted.

As I thought, the eye screws gave away in the winds.  This birdhouse had a family of Pygmy Nuthatches in it.  They aren't there any longer.  The "lady" of the house had been checking out the other house we'd hung, but I don't see any occupation of it.  Wonder where they went.

It's snuggled back up with the chain going completely around the house. There's only one other house we haven't retrofitted, but it's got a family already in it and can't be fixed.  Hoping it stays put until it's empty.

Back to the chicks... I just know I'm not going to sleep well until they get here...

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