Friday, April 15, 2016

Rain, rain, go away... well, the heck with that....

We were warned that more rain and wind were coming.  This was just as another shipment of garden plants came in.  So, I knew I didn't have much time to get things going...

Received the strawberry plugs and the seed potatoes.  Luckily, I started saving coffee grounds and eggshells for planting the strawberries. 

Yesterday, I got most of the strawberry plants into their bed.  These new plants are a June bearing variety that I hope compliment the everbearing I already have growing. The instructions said to get them in before Spring rains come. Looks like I just beat that.

They joined the older strawberries in the same line.  I planted them to the proper depth (I hope) and sprinkled coffee grounds and eggshells around each plant.  Then, they were covered with straw for warmth and to prevent evaporation.  Then, they each got their little support to keep the fruit from getting dirty.  I hope this is enough to keep them safe since we are still getting freezes.  At the far end of the photo you can see the older strawberry plants just bursting forth from their straw.  I will DEFINITELY use this method next Winter.

I will need to beg Steve for 2 smaller hoops for the areas not by covered by them. I'd left some areas open for years, but the pests have found this out and last year we had a few more squirrel problems.  

Life in the mountains is eat... or be eaten, I guess....

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