Monday, April 25, 2016

"What do we hate?"... WIND!................ "When do we hate it?"... ALWAYS!...

I had to start the blog this way because we've been in the middle of the worst wind (well, relatively) EVER.  I'm not insubstantial but I'm finding that I can barely stand straight, or even in one place.  If I didn't have to go out each day and water the potato rings, I wouldn't.  

The fire department has issued a red-flag warning for our area of the mountain and I'm doing a lot of praying that NOBODY starts a fire.  It would be out-of-control in a second.  Hopefully, tomorrow we can get into the garden again.

Steve didn't sleep well last night because I was hot.  I begged him to leave a window open all night to keep the bedroom cool.  I went to sleep with my earplugs in and slept well.  Steve, however, was up all night because the wind kept making noise, wiggled the bathroom door, kept the blinds flapping and generally irritated him ALL NIGHT.  I guess that the window will be shut tonight, or he'll be getting a pair of my earplugs.

Saturday, we did get some work done for the garden, despite the wind. 

Steve took apart the short (height-wise) hoop and added more fencing to make the biggest hoop I'll probably ever see.  

Having a short hoop was not my best idea. Yeah, there are some short veggies but not enough to make it practical. Even lettuce was outgrowing it and I was finding putting only radishes and spinach under it was a big waste of growing space in a limited garden.

When he delivered this I couldn't help but laugh.  Yep, it's big/tall.  I see possibilities for bush beans and pepper plants under this monstrosity.   Maybe even tomatoes.  Only time will tell.  

It sat there on the bed without the wind even bothering it.  I decided that it needed some netting even if it was going to be a fight.

Steve helped me fight the netting over the hoop between gusts.  Once it was on, it got stuck to the fencing pretty well and that helped me a lot.  Here I'm putting the plastic hose over the bottom after pulling the netting as tight as I could.

This wind is kicking up dust which is very fine and sifting into every crack of the house.  It also sifted into my underthings, which was a shock as I poured it out Saturday night. Sunday, and today, we're be sitting inside and watching movies.  If this wind dies down tomorrow, I'm going to set this hoop and continue getting this garden ready to go.  Last freeze supposedly May 11th...  

... not giving me much time...

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