Wednesday, May 25, 2016

1 potato, 2 potatoes... MANY potatoes....

We spent a little time yesterday on food and garden shopping.  Well, "a little time" is relative, I guess, but we usually leave at 8:30 in the morning and get back home at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Since town is so far away and forgetting something would be horrendous, we grab our lists before heading out to the various stores we need to visit.  

Steve is in charge of the tactical aspects.  We have coolers for the cold food and the trip must be planned to keep that food cold.  BUT, if the trip involves several stops, a plan has to be worked out.  Yesterday, it was hit the food store; get everything packed away; hit the hardware store where Steve did the shopping and I sat in the vehicle while it ran to keep the food cool.  THEN, down the road to my favorite nursery where I did the shopping to get plants and Steve sat in the vehicle while it was running to keep the food cool.  If we'd have done it the other way around, the plants would have gotten too hot while we did the grocery shopping (which takes 2 of us because there are always discussions about what to get and one of us would've taken FOREVER calling the car sitter about every little thing).  Perfect sense, right?

While at the nursery I couldn't resist getting the blueberry plants because there were few and I didn't want them going to someone else.  I guess this will add some impetus to Steve getting those beds done, huh?  He's been working hard on them, but it has been slow going.

I took a new picture of my potato cylinders and the 2 dirt ones are really taking off.  I think the plants double in size every other day.  I'm a little excited about my 1st foray into potatoes.

Now, I have dutifully watered the straw potato cylinder but I was not feeling optimistic there.  I was surprised today that 3 plants seem to be making their way out of the straw and into the light of day.  

So, what have we learned here children?  Potatoes will grow in straw and not to not get discouraged.  The straw strategy is a valid one....

... Hurray!...

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